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Re: Feodra Core 3 corruption

Muralidhar Ganga wrote:

Some times the the file manager (Nautilus) does not show up.
if I want to reboot the PC at that point for some reason, the Actions->logout won't respond. Terminal does not open for a while .... instead of waiting for all this
to happen I was playing with pushing the power button. I have done this several
times. At one time I see this corruption. I am using this in a lab environment.

You probably aren't waiting long enough. I'd wait ten (10) minutes before
doing a BHR (Big Hairy Reset).

I guess my question is why pushing power button causes this random writes ??
This is so happened that some of the kernel header files are corrupted (some
junk characters in a header file) and could not compile a kernel module ...

Erm? Uh? Duh?

You have unwritten system buffers in memory.
The system decides to write them out.
The system issues a command to the disc drive to write.
The disc starts writing, and you pull power to the disc.
What happens after that is anyone's guess.

In fact, just pulling power to the disc like that can
cause it to get confused and do a write, even if
it hasn't been commanded.

That's why a shutdown is necessary.

I know I need to do proper shutdown.

Then why don't you?

What if this happens? How do I protect this ... ?



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