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pine on FC4 (and DAG repository question)


I'd like to install pine on my FC4 machine, and would prefer to use yum for the job to minimize future maintainance. The general advice I have found on the web was to use the DAG repository, http://dag.wieers.com/.

1) DAG currently doesn't have an rpm for FC4; and,
2) DAG warns that it is incompatible with livna.org and fedora.us.

Since I use Livna.org to update xine, for example, I would not like to give up using it.

So what are the risks of using DAG if I am only interested in updating pine (and its dependencies) from that repository (assuming in the near future there _will_ be an FC4 pine rpm).

Or, does DAG (and friends) provide the same coverage as Livna.org and fedora.us, and I should abandon the latters? (I hope I am not starting a flame here... :-)

Or, should I just abandon the concept of maintaining pine via yum and go with the UW rpm?

Thanks for any advice and comments.


itayf u washington edu   /   +1 (206) 543 9040   /   Seattle, WA

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