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Re: I've done something Stupid. Help ??

On Wed, Jul 13, 2005 at 09:26:15PM -0400, Matthew Miller wrote:
> > The yum libraries do not seem to be available on your system for this version 
> > of python  2.3.4 (#1, Feb  2 2005, 12:11:53)
> > [GCC 3.4.2 20041017 (Red Hat 3.4.2-6.fc3)]
> > Please make sure the package you used to install yum was built for your 
> > install of python.
> > Any chance I can fix it, or is it time to move to FC4 ?
>   A. This error message is often misleading. To see the real error, run

Hmmm -- as Michael Schwendt points out, you seem to have the ATrpms version
of Python on your system. ATrpms actually packages up Python 2.4 and
includes packages built against that, and that could mean that the python
version mismatch error is actually exactly correct in this case.

ATrpms is a little more adventurous than many of the third-party
repositories, and in some ways can be thought of as an extra-bleeding-edge
fork of Fedora. If you want to use that repo (and it's a perfectly fine
thing to do) you may want to make sure you're on the ATrpms mailing list.

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