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On Wednesday 13 July 2005 13:12, Timothy Murphy wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Wednesday 13 July 2005 09:34, Timothy Murphy wrote:
>>>Gene Heskett wrote:
>>>> 3 more installs later I still don't have a usable x-server like
>>>> I had with the first install, seems the nv driver doesn't
>>>> support 32 bit, nor 1600x1200 screens, suddenly??.  And x-server
>>>> problems notwithstanding, the last two installs have set eth0 up
>>>> with only an ipv6 style address, and of course I have no
>>>> networking.  yum of course loves that...
>>>I don't set up as an expert,
>> Neither did I.  I just selected automatic disk partitioning
>> on /dev/hda, and manual configuration of the network (which I did)
>> as opposed to the default dhcp.  And 'everything'...

And one more install seems to have found the planets & stars in 
favorable alignment.  I got thru the install, networking is working 
(yaay) and yum -y update is now running.  And I didn't do anything 
different except take a pci card that acted like a dumb isa card back 
out of the system.  It was a triple 82C55 i/o card that had no bios 
rom on it whatsoever.  This card, while not being overly friendly to 
an lspci -vv listing, has never effected any of the previous installs 
or boot sequences.  Its been in that machine for about 6 months, but 
will not be used with the newer stepper drivers I just bought for 
emc's use.

This time it went thru the post install checks and let me setup the nv 
card & monitor pretty much to its full capabilities.  Sound worked 
even.  The acid test of course will be when I type 'switchdesk kde' 
and reboot after all the yum work is finished in a couple hours.  And 
hopefully no power failures as there is not a ups on that box, unlike 
these 2 here.  I'm up here on the eastern edge of whats left of 
Dennis & we've had intermittent showers since 3ish this afternoon.  
And it just started up again, this time having definitely found the 
instructions written on the heel.  Half an hour of this will equal an 
inch of precip.  The wind is gusty, to maybe 25 mph too. 

Wish me luck, I may need it...

>> Its real simple, both hda1 and hdb1 were marked as bootable,
>> because hdb was originally hda & vice-versa.  The bios apparently
>> doesn't care, and up till the last reboot last night, it was
>> actually booting from the contents of /dev/hdb1 even though it
>> wasn't mounted once booted, hda1 was.
>Normally (that is, unless you go into the BIOS setup at boot-time
>and alter the settings) the machine will boot from /dev/hda ,
>that is, the master disk on the first controller.
>It won't look at the MBR on /dev/hdb
>(the master disk on the second controller) at all,
>and it won't care what partition on /dev/hdb you have marked as
> active.

This bios definitely does look at every disk in the system, but has no 
provisions to lock out hdb, so when that drive was made into hdb, it 
continued to boot from the first partition of that disk.  Weird, but 
thats the truth.  But after a few FC4 full installs, its finally 
booting from /dev/hda1, & once things settle, I need to go get the 
stuff in /dev/hdb1 and move it back so I can dual boot again.

Its a Mach motherboard, and its amazing.  The previous mobo that 
processor and ram lived in was a biostar, and the cpu never ran lower 
than 150F, and often closer to 170.  Same cpu & 266 fsb memory in 
this motherboard and the cpu, overclocked by the same 200 mhz, hasn't 
made it past 105 yet.  A huge Glaciator cooler on it, used to 1st 
degree my testing finger, now I can't tell for sure if its powered 

>I would suspect that if you changed the two disks
>then there is something wrong with your grub installation
>or with the entries in /dev/fstab .
>Personally, I would re-install grub with "grub-install --recheck
> /dev/hda",

I tried that, didn't make a spec of difference.

>I would guess the "busy /dev/hda3" is due to confusion over
> partitions.
>>>I think that normally the computer will try to boot from /dev/hda
>>>unless you have told the BIOS otherwise.
>>>But if you install grub on the /dev/hda MBR it can certainly
>>>find partitions on /dev/hdb .
>> And vice-versa as has been proved here for quite some time.
>I don't know what you mean by vice versa,
>but the machine will not normally look at the MBR on /dev/hdb
>(if that is what you are referring to).

But it was showing me the /dev/hdb1/grub/grub.conf's contents in the 
grub menu, not /dev/hda1/grub/grub.conf's.  Now, finally, its 
straightened out again.  Till I put a spare 4gig drive in for swap 
(or possibly /var) that is. :-)  I detest having /var on the main 
drive in case it goes read-only & there goes your ability to 
troubleshoot by reading the logs cause there aren't any.  Been there, 
done that, tempted to buy the T-short even.

>>>As for IPv6, I think you can disable this by adding IPV6INIT=no
>>>to /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 (or whatever)
>>>and saying "service network restart" as root.

Didn't have to once the install actually worked, ifconfig now shows a 
normally configured eth0.

>> But a 'service network restart' fails because it cannot allocate
>> via kmalloc, 4GB of ram.  Thats a ridiculous error on the face of
>> it, and has to be a real bug.
>>>(Or you could remove the IPv6 module from /lib/modules/<version>/
>>> .)
>> Why should I have to, when in the installs network config, dhcp is
>> disabled and the network configured by hand, and iptables and
>> selinux is disabled since I'm behind a firewall?  I still have to
>> add to the /etc/hosts file of course, but thats not helping now
>> since it decided to use only ipv6 addressing according to an
>> 'ifconfig eth0' report.
>What do you mean by "configured by hand"?

By turning off dhcp for eth0 and filling in the hostname and 
address/mask data yourself.  This small home network runs on the 
hosts file for address resolution till it hits the fireall box 
looking for an outside location.

Cheers, Gene
"There are four boxes to be used in defense of liberty:
 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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