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On Wednesday 13 July 2005 23:31, Gene Heskett wrote:
>On Wednesday 13 July 2005 13:12, Timothy Murphy wrote:
>>Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> On Wednesday 13 July 2005 09:34, Timothy Murphy wrote:
>>>>Gene Heskett wrote:
>>> Neither did I.  I just selected automatic disk partitioning
>>> on /dev/hda, and manual configuration of the network (which I
>>> did) as opposed to the default dhcp.  And 'everything'...
>And one more install seems to have found the planets & stars in
>favorable alignment.  I got thru the install, networking is working
>(yaay) and yum -y update is now running.  And I didn't do anything
>different except take a pci card that acted like a dumb isa card
> back out of the system.  It was a triple 82C55 i/o card that had no
> bios rom on it whatsoever.  This card, while not being overly
> friendly to an lspci -vv listing, has never effected any of the
> previous installs or boot sequences.  Its been in that machine for
> about 6 months, but will not be used with the newer stepper drivers
> I just bought for emc's use.
>This time it went thru the post install checks and let me setup the
> nv card & monitor pretty much to its full capabilities.  Sound
> worked even.  The acid test of course will be when I type
> 'switchdesk kde' and reboot after all the yum work is finished in a
> couple hours.  And hopefully no power failures as there is not a
> ups on that box, unlike these 2 here.  I'm up here on the eastern
> edge of whats left of Dennis & we've had intermittent showers since
> 3ish this afternoon. And it just started up again, this time having
> definitely found the instructions written on the heel.  Half an
> hour of this will equal an inch of precip.  The wind is gusty, to
> maybe 25 mph too.
>Wish me luck, I may need it...

Looks like I do, need the luck that is.  I did reboot ok without 
changing to kde yet, then logged in as gene & did an su (forgot the - 
sign though) and fired off a 'yum -y update' session.  That failed 
after several hours due to a DSA key failure thats since scrolled off 
screen, the default history in a terminal is way too small at 1000 

So the first question since I'm not that familiar with gnome, is how 
do I expand the shell history in gnome thats so easily done in kde?

Due to the above DSA key error it apparently didn't install/update all 
279 of the updates it had counted.

Anyway, I fired off another run of 'yum -y update' thinking maybe that 
would self heal as mirrors got updated.

It said there were 78 packages in 870 megs to go and started 
downloading some more packages. I left it twiddling its own thumbs 
and came up here to check the mail.  20 mins later I unblank a very 
pretty screen to discover its outputting, at 2 locations on the same 
terminal window, continuous lines of:

error: rpmdbNextIterator: skipping #h 325 Header V3 DSA signature: 
BAD, key ID 4f2a6fd2

One line is being output at the bottom of the screen, the other about 
10 lines down from the top, I've expanded the terminal screen height 
to full height on a 1280x1024 screen.  And the machine is being 
lagged somewhat by all this of course. ctl+c's and ctl+d's on that 
window are being ignored.

Opening another terminal and doing an su -, I do a 'ps -ea|grep yum' 
to find its id, and I've issued 2 'kill 11066's now without effect.

I could just hit the reset button, but thats not very friendly, so 
I'll wait for advice from this group as to what to do next.

Another install, the 8th or 9th attempt now, is not a very appetizing 
thought.  The cd's have been check-summed 2 times now by the disk 1's 
test facility.

FWIW, memtest86 ran for about 36 hours with no errors 3 weeks ago 
before I started all this headache.


Cheers, Gene
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 soap, ballot, jury, and ammo. Please use in that order."
-Ed Howdershelt (Author)
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