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Re: Send email attachment using a shell script

Alexander Dalloz wrote:
Am Do, den 14.07.2005 schrieb Hany Nagaty um 12:09:

I'd like to send an email containing an attachmnet using a script.
I've tried the mail command (in the mailx package), but I don't know
how can I use it to send an attachment.

So, is there a way I can use mail to send an attachment, or is there
other utility to do the job.

uuencode foo.gif /dev/stdout | mail -s "my subject line"
recipient target tld

uuencode part of the sharutils rpm.


make your choice :
I ve been using metamail / metasend for years now,  simply the best solution to send any kind of attachements with lots of diff options
for body, file structure, size ....

A good example of how it works using those 2 scripts :


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