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Distrowatch: What went wrong with Fedora Core 4

>From Distrowatch Weekly
As is the case with just about every major
distribution release, some users are extremely
pleased, while others wish they'd never upgraded. The
recently released Fedora Core 4 is no exception. Many
seem to be happy about the updated applications that
have made it into the latest version, including
upgrades to GCC 4, GNOME 2.10 and KDE 3.4, as well as
the newly added official support for the PowerPC
architectures. We have tested Fedora Core briefly and
found it to be a solid release, although we missed
some of the applications that have been "relegated" to
the "extras" repository to save space on the official
Fedora CDs.

But not everybody is happy. The most recent issue of
Linux Format awarded Fedora Core 4 only four stars out
of ten (in contrast, the same issue gave Debian 3.1
eight stars). The reviewers have found the release
somewhat unexciting and, with the exception of Xen,
lacking any major new features. They also complained
about the absence of graphical configuration tools, a
feature that has existed in Mandriva and SUSE for a
long time. As such, they argue that Fedora Core 4 is a
distribution not particularly suitable for those new
to Linux.

What are your experiences? If you are a Fedora user,
do you consider Core 4 a greatly improved release
compared to the previous version? And if you don't
normally use Fedora, but decided to give its latest
release a quick spin, what were your impressions?
Please discuss below.
Fedora needs a propaganda officer (press officer) to
counter some of these articles negative publicity.
Debian's press officer countered the "lack of security
updates" article recently on Distrowatch.

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