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fedora-list Digest (really)

I recently subscribed to the subversion users
list.  It's another (fairly) high volume list so
I quickly changed to the digest.  Unlike fedora-list
the digest comes in the form of a mail listing
responses under each thread with the poster and
number.  The mails themselves are attachments indexed
by the number.  I can see two main advantages over the
fedora-list digest format:
1. It is possible to actually reply to the mail
   you are responding to.  This means threading
   isn't broken for those who use it and saves
   time spent on manually changing subject lines,
   attributions, and quotations.
2. Fedora's numbered format has occasionally led me
   to miss threads I've been following, only to find
   them when I look at the archives (not often).  With
   this format it seems easier to identify new threads
   and spot ones of interest more easily.

They appear to be using a program called ezmlm.
Here's a short sample of how one of these looks:
Topics (messages 35321 through 35350):

Re: Subversion Newbie thoughts:  Database Backend, SQL, and the style?
	35321 by: Christopher Ness
	35348 by: John

Re: Recommendations on SVN, gForge....
	35322 by: Dan Snider
	35327 by: Dan Snider

Does anyone else think this format is more useful?
What would it take to persuade Redhat to use it instead?


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