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Re: (no subject)

Your mail server cannot connect to the SMTP server at

See if you can do it manually:
$ telnet another.external.machine smtp

well, as i blocked telnet port on the other machine i connect by ssh, then on the same machine i telnet localhost smtp and it works (just to be sure because i set up that machine), so the machine does have smtp working.

If you get "connection refused" then either there's a firewall rule at either your end or at another.external.machine preventing this connection, or there is no mail server running at another.external.machine.

Im working probably trough a firewall, i know im behind proxy AND a small router wich i set up to create a small network to configure the servers

If a connection is opened and the server displays its greeting banner,
you can enter "QUIT" to terminate the session. Then try "sendmail
-qRexternal.machine" to try to poke sendmail into delivering the queued

This does nothing, i mean the mail queue looks the same.

If that doesn't work and you believe SELInux to be the issue, look near
the end of /var/log/audit/audit.log if it exists or /var/log/messages
otherwise for any audit messages that may provide clues.

I set selinux to disable, and thats how at least i receive the emails that i send (yes, i wasnt even receiving my own emails because selinux).

Thanks Paul and Gerry (another email) for your comments and your help.

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