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Re: Why use "su -" rather than "su"

Peter Arremann wrote:

On Friday 15 July 2005 12:06, Mike McCarty wrote:

Hmm. So I give up my regular editor in return for not having to type /sbin/

Well, I think I'll go along the way I am. I'm a pretty good typist.

I thought there might be a *real* reason, and I had missed something. I
was wondering if there might be some subtle problems which would bite
me later.

The main reason for most unix admins to use 'su -' is that it sets the environment... Some people put nasty things like "." into their path or do other things that might break stuff - LD_LIBRARY_PATH, ... there is tons of things that you usually don't want in the environment of the root user. Hence you use the dash and get rid of all of that... A long long time ago I actually remember discussions of switching the behavior of su to default to "su -" and having an additional switch for it to _not_ give you a login shell - all that simply because su without the dash can be such a nightmare...


I haven't found it to be a problem. I was just concerned that it
might be later. I have never put "." into my path.


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