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Re: Dual boot problem -

Tamer Higazi wrote:

That does not work... this is the totally WRONG way. You have to install
grub on the master boot record of /dev/hda!

That can be done With the "grub" tool, that comes with the Grand Unified
Boot Loader, even if it is set up on the wrong harddisks MBR.

Windows will not start! if you change the harddisk start procedure in
the BIOS.

What linux version are you using?! Do you have a CD from where you can
start Linux to access and to "chown" the bash of the other harddisk?!


Am Freitag, den 15.07.2005, 23:20 +0200 schrieb Benjamin Duehring:

On Friday 15 July 2005 22:01, Bob Goodwin wrote:

I've installed, reinstalled, repartitioned and reinstalled again but no matter what this computer boots only to Widows 2000 and never displays Grub for FC-4. Windows is on /dev/hda [40gig] and FC-4 on /dev/hdb [10gig]. The user doesn't really need/want Linux but it will be a convenience for me if I can make it work.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Thank you.

Bob G

Maybe grub has been installed on the master boot record of the second hard disk (hdb). But in the bios the first disk (hda) is selected to boot from.
If that's the case, modify your bios and change to boot order (your second hdd at first) or install grub on hda.

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Ok, I finally got things working after reading through the information at:

I had to repartition both drives with fdisk, the best and simplest way to get things done,
and now FC-4 seems to be able to cohabit with Windows 2000 without a problem. I've rebooted
several times and things run smoothly so far.

Thanks for the help.


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