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Re: Fedora 4 Error in Transaction while setting Up Updates;

Hello Mirco,
in general, mixing too many repositories is not a good idea, because the more repositories you use, the more likely there's some sort of conflict between them. In particular,

* don't mix Livna and Freshrpms/Dag. They provide a lot of the same packages but the maintainers don't work together so there's a high chance of conflicts. You should either enable Livna and disable Freshrpms and Dag or disable Livna and enable Freshrpms and Dag.

* unless you like to live dangerously, disable anything that has devel, development or testing in its name.

The Planet CCRMA website says they're not yet done rebuilding the packages for FC4. So you might wanna disable that, too, at least until you get the rest running.

You should, for each repo that you use, import their public key. The repo's websites usually describe how to do that. In Fedora Core 4, the keys for fedora, fedora-updates and fedora-extras are included in the distribution, so you don't need to worry about those.

If this doesn't solve the "invalid keys" problem, please send us the exact error message.


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