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FC3: Kernel Panic 2.6.12-1.1372


On two separate machines with SATA drives, the 2.6.12-1.1372 kernel
update causes a nearly immediate kernel panic during boot. It appears to
be an initrd problem, as the systems do not reach the interactive boot
phase before crapping out. The kernel boot info scrolls along as usual
until it hits the SATA devices, then SPLAT!!!

The two systems are using different SATA chipsets (sata_sil and
ata_piix), and one is using the SATA drive as its OS drive, while the
other is using a PATA drive for the OS and an external SATA connection
to a NitroAV Vanguard V raid (very cool device, BTW).

On a third system without SATA, I've had no problem with the update.
Sorry if this issue has been brought up on the list; I couldn't find
anything in the mailing list archive, but my searches there aren't
always very fruitful.

I would certainly appreciate any insight.

Chris Stark
Musician, Linux User, & Grad Student

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