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Re: Samba FC4 Shares and dirs are empty?

Am Samstag, den 16.07.2005, 14:26 +0100 schrieb Ruth Ivimey-Cook:
> Hi,
> Hoping you can help. I've updated my samba server (PDC) from 3.0.10 to
> 3.0.14a as part of updating from FC3 to FC4. On FC3 Samba was working
> fine.
> I now find I cant see inside any of the shares, even though  I can see
> the share names themselves and the directories are quite readable to
> Linux processes. So, e.g. I can see that I have a share "Users", but not
> the contents of it. With one exception all shares are empty/blank. The
> exception is that my "tmp" share includes 1 "file" called
> OSL_PIPE_500_SingleOfficeIPC_3d3cfaac9b18bd645001594325165, which of
> course doesn't exist in the filesystem.
> I have disabled selinux, checked the audit messages, checked all
> permissions and ACLs I know of and can't find a reason. it happens in
> both a winxp client and using kde smb:// in konqueror.
> I have included a snippet of the log file for an smb:// read of my home
> directory. It is just finishing enumerating the files in the directory,
> but then seems to give up.
> I've just found that if you enter an smb:// directory path that exists,
> the log file shows that the correct directory is scanned, and I don't
> get a client error : the client behaves as if the dir is empty. However
> if I do the same thing in winxp, I do get a client error -- "Windows
> cannot find "...path..."
> What's happening?Sorry I do not have an answer. I only have the same problem but only

Sorry I can't help but would like to say that I have the same problem.
Only with my 'homes'-share all other shares work perfectly.
My debug-output looks likes yours. 

Any help would be very welcome.

Also if I disable iptables nothing changed. SELinux is disabled.


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