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Re: OpenOffice Spellchecking droubles

On Thu, 2005-07-14 at 10:41 +0200, Patrick Steiner wrote:
> my whole fedora box is setup in english, how can i change only the 
> spellcecking to german? it only works if i also change the user 
> interface to german.

I've got the same situation over here, but haven't got the same problem
(using FC4).

If you're running OO v2 then simply installing the German language pack
should make German spell checking, thesaurus, hyphenation etc available.
The package is called openoffice.org-langpack-de. It works for me, while
the rest of my system is en_AU. I also make the right ALT key a COMPOSE
key, which makes entry of umlauts (and tons of other cute symbols) very
straight forward on a US keyboard.

For previous versions of OO you need the openoffice.org-i18n package.


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