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Re: Email Monitoring

On Mon, 2005-07-18 at 13:43, David Benigni wrote:
> This subject has been covered a few times already.  I have the need to
> copy all incoming / outgoing messages from a particular user(s) to
> another mail box.  I can get the incoming easily.  The outgoing is the
> part that I'm struggling with.  I use sendmail.  I have seen a few
> options using MIMEDefang and milter-bcc.  MIMEDefang, from my
> understanding doesn't make it completely invisible.  So, has any one
> used milter-bcc or other options?

I implemented milter-bcc at one company.  It worked just fine and was
fairly easy to implement.  It also provided some control over which mail
users email would be copied.

Please note IANAL.  And any such advice given freely on the Internet is
worth what you paid for it.  

Just note that you should check with your companies lawyers and have
them verify any laws regarding this in your particular state.  And you
should have in your employee handbook a clause saying such measures can
be exercised at the discretion of management.

If you don't do these things and your state has some law prohibiting
employers from implementing such tools you and your managers could be
open to a law suit.
Scot L. Harris
webid cfl rr com

Would the last person to leave Michigan please turn out the lights? 

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