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Automounting a Windows Share


I have a linux machine (Fedora Core 2) and a Windows
XP machine. I have an mp3 collection on the XP
machine, that I would like to make available to the
linux machine.

I can use the following mount command and successfully
mount the drive:

mount.cifs //MACHINE/mp3_org mp3/ -o password=

I would like to have this drive automounted, so that
when I reboot the Windows machine (every few days) I
don't have to mount the drive manually from the linux

I read a few HOWTO's but did not have much luck.

I did edit the /etc/auto.master file and added the
following line:

/auto   /etc/auto.misc  --timeout=30

Then I created the /auto directory and created in it a
directory called mp3/, as the mount point for the

Then I went into the /etc/auto.misc file and added the
following entry:

 mp3  -fstype=smbfs,password= ://MACHINE/mp3_org 

I saved everything, restarted autofs, but I cannot
automount the drive.

I think I am just stuck on the proper syntax of the
statement in the auto.misc file, but I am stumped.

Any ideas?


Phil Vecchione
E-Mail:  dnaphil yahoo com
Web: www.dnaphil.com
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