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Re: FC4-Where is the last Firefox?

--- taharka <res00vl8 alltel net> wrote:

> Hoffmann wrote:
> >--- taharka <res00vl8 alltel net> wrote:
> >  
> >
> <snip>
> >
> >Hi Taharka,
> >
> >Of course that is a possibility. My question is:
> After
> >installing the new Firefox you still have its icon
> >working? I remember when I had the Suse linux, and
> I
> >needed to install a new Firefox. When I did that, I
> >have no working Firefox icon, and I needed to use
> >command line. Ok that is easy, but it is boring to
> >need to open a shell just to open a browser.
> >Thanks!
> >Hoffmann
> >  
> >
> Never had a problem with the Firefox icon in FC3 by
> following Thomas 
> Chung's instructions. BTW, you can also
> build/install the rpms for 
> DeerPark (Firefox 1.1), Thunderbird 1.0.5 & 1.06
> using the same method 
> ;-) I always uninstall Firefox after building the
> new rpm using, "rpm -e 
> firefox" This leaves all users on the system Firefox
> profiles intact. 
> Now, when you install the new Firefox rpm, the only
> difference seen, is 
> the new version, when you click on help/about
> Firefox :-)
> taharka
> Lexington, Kentucky U.S.A.
> -- 

Hi Taharka,
Thanks for your prompt email. It seems like I missed
the link you sent to me before. I mean, I entered in
Chung's instructions but I see nothing about Firefox.
Could you, please, give me the link, so?

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