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RE: FC4 - unexplained lockups, system will not start [RESOLVED]

fedora-list-bounces redhat com wrote:

>> Then I would move on to kernels. I had problems with the out of the
>> box kernel freezing on me(note I doubt you have the same problem)
>> with one machine. During the process I found the latest FC3 kernels
>> work just fine. You might give them a try, 2.6.11-1.35. Avoid the
>> 2.6.12-1.1369_FC3 in FC3 testing. It is based on 2.6.12, which is
>> what FC4 kernels are based on. You might also try the latest FC4
>> kernel,
>> 2.6.12-1.1387. I expect yet another FC4 kernel out soon to fix an
>> acpi issue many people are having.
> OK, I'll take a look at that one too.
>> If none of that helps, I would look into the hardware. Check the cpu
>> temps, voltages, memory, etc.
> That should be fun...  Wouldn't any problems get logged, at least for
> things for which I have monitors?
>  -Don

As a followup:
I decided this evening to take care of some lingering dependency problems in
my RPM database - things like xemacs both needed to upgrade, and couldn't.
After clearing out all of these, I noticed that tux racer was removed in
order to install ppracer - the dependency hell prevented the
removal/installation.  Once I ran ppracer, all was well.

Thanks to those who helped,

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