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Re: IBM Blade Server HS20 with FC4

>On Tue, 2005-07-19 at 11:44 -0400, Drew from Zhrodague wrote:
>> >>  	We've got several IBM Blade Center Chassis, and HS20 blades in
>> >> 'em. We're trying to install FC4 onto these things, but when we PXE boot,
>> >> the things load the kernel, and instantly panics. Booting from CD has the
>> >> same effect.

There is this funny thing about booting from the FC4 CD.
You have to try and load a non-existent file at the first boot prompt,
then let it give you an error message, then boot for real.
Whether this would be the case for PXE I dont know...


>> >>
>> >>  	We're using the kernel from the distro, and it doesn't matter if
>> >> we do i386 or x86_64.
>> >>
>> >>  	I'd include a crash dump, but the wacky built-in management
>> >> doesn't seem to allow that!
>> >
>> > Serial cable?
>>  	Good idea on any other type of computer on the planet, except 
>> these. There's no place to plug it in!
>> -- 
>> Drew from Zhrodague
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>> http://moblog.zhrodague.net
>You can buy an adaptor for it I think. Guess you didn't (or I'm wrong..)
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