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Re: Earthlink not helping.

Lokrin wrote:

Earthlink support on the phone refuses to even look into the problem because I run Linux. Everythingon my end is ok, I believe, but they won't even bother to check their end. On-line support is as bad. I need to click on operating system and once I click on Unix-Linux-Other I get a pop-up saying that they can not give me help.

When you call EarthLink support, I suggest you ask for Mac support. Then ask that person if they or anyone in the department knows Linux.

I'm hoping that someone here that uses Earthlink can go over the settings with me. I'm on dial up 56k on the only phone line I have. I'm running FC2 and KDE and using Thunderbird and Firefox. I've everything set up using SYSTEM SETINGS > NETWORK. The modem should be configured ok, since it works with Seanet. And everything in the Earthlink section (ppp1 or ppp0. I'm using ppp2 for Seanet) looks ok But I'd like to double check.


I use EarthLink as my ISP and I have a 56k modem and am running FC3.
I use Mozilla for my browsing and email. I'm not clear what you want me to check in my settings.

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