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FC4 - and Success

Well I recently upgraded to FC4 from Fc3 and thought at first that it
was a mistake. My printer wasn't working properly after the upgrade and
the java stuff had gone south. And sound wasn't loud etc..

So, I struggled away for the last few days (off and on) and with the
help of you good people on this list - I was able to get FC4 running
better than FC3. 

I am very pleased with it now and it even seems quicker than fc3.  I bet
that is my imagination running over time.  I don't have my scanner
working yet but than it never worked on fc3.  However, where I have had
such good success to date - I am going to have a look at the scanner now
and I bet I will get that going too.  And if that happens, than I will
have nothing else to do other than to run my applications etc., and have

What a life eh?  So it is my opinion that one can upgrade to FC4 and be
successful, and even be happy when all the little bugs are worked out.

All I can say now is " Great Stuff!!"

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