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Re: Up2Date

David Mamanakis wrote:

I know I prolly could search the archives, but I have to get to work...
I was wondering what I have to fix to get Up2Date to works...

1) I install and start Fedora Core 3.
2) I start Up2Date and it searches and finds updates
3) From the primary list of updates, I select the Kernel updates (3)
4) I click next till I get the "Dependency Search"
5) It NEVER comes out of this state

It will remain searching for dependencies for weeks...it won't actually
finish this cycle, and it never updates anything...it never downloads the

So, what do I have to do differently, what do I need to fix?



Hard to say exactly what the problem is, but since FC3 is now 6 months old you probably have about 10,000 updates to check, which could take a while. You might benefit by splitting the task up, and using yum to do your updating. Open up a terminal and try the following:

1) become root:
su -
<enter root password when asked>
2 the yum command:
yum update a\*
the \* tells yum to look at only update packages whose names begin with a lower case "a"
You can increase the number of packages yum will try to find thus:
yum update \[a-g]\*
which will find all packages beginning with lower case a through g
Anyway I think you get the picture. when done upgrading be sure to close your root session by either typing exit <return> or pressing ctrl-d. This will save you from typing dangerous commands.



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