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Re: Up2Date

On Wed, 2005-07-20 at 07:52 -0700, Scott Talbot wrote:

> >
>     Hard to say exactly what the problem is, but since FC3 is now 6 
> months old you probably have about 10,000 updates to check, which could 
> take a while.  You might benefit by splitting the task up, and using yum 
> to do your updating.  Open up a terminal and try the following:
> 1) become root:
> su -
> <enter root password when asked>
> 2 the yum command:
> yum update a\*
> the \* tells yum to look at only update packages whose names begin with 
> a lower case "a"
> You can increase the number of packages yum will try to find thus:
> yum update \[a-g]\*
> which will find all packages beginning with lower case a through g
> Anyway I think you get the picture. when done upgrading be sure to close 
> your root session by either typing exit <return> or pressing ctrl-d.  
> This will save you from typing dangerous commands.

Just run "su --command="yum update"

Start it before you go to bed.
It will chew on it awhile, but unless there is a network problem -
should have everything downloaded by morning. If it does have a problem,
it will download what it can.

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