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Re: FC3 crash with 2.6.12-1.1372_FC3smp

Am Do, den 21.07.2005 schrieb Daniel Vogel um 0:32:

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> I got the same issue, problems after yum update...
> The thing is, is it right to drop new files for upgrading when they
> have known problems?

It is certainly a good idea to exclude a package from being updated by
telling yum to do so (see exclude in man yum.conf), when you will be
affected by a known issue. Unfortunately sometimes this can't be
generally predicted.

> i was finishing instaling 2 machines (thanks god they were exactly the
> same configuration...), i upgraded one of them for the last 15 new
> packs and then KERNEL PANIC!...

Just boot the old kernel. Thats the reason why it stays on your system
and is not removed by a kernel update run.

> ...im going to suede my own luck because of that.
> How sure can we be about all the things we'r upgrading are ok?

Follow the list and watch out for reports by other users. Check
bugzilla.redhat.com. Having a test system use the updates-testing period
to experiment with upcoming update packages and instantly report
problems if they occur.

> Daniel Vogel


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