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evolution-connector: could not configure account (FC4)


I can't get Evo to talk to my job's Exchange server. I know they run a MS Exchange 2003 Server, with OWA enabled. I can connect to it via web.

But when I try to configure my account in Evo, I get a cryptic:
Could not configure Exchange account because an unknown error occurred. Check the URL, username, ans password, and try again.

If I put a wrong address, I get a *different* error saying that the Exchange server could not be located. And if I give a wrong user/password, I get another different message saying the authentication failed.

So from the above quoted error, I assume it *is* locating the server, and it *is* authenticating with it, but something else is failing under the hood.

I googled for the error message, but I've only found it referenced in the Evo message files (for translators) :(

Can anybody give me a hint? Does anybody know how to get at least a debug or a more detailed description of the problem? "Unknown error" isn't particularly helpful :p

I tried starting Evo from the command line with the --debug flag, but the output was of no use (just a couple of warnings related to GTK+ widgets and the like)

I'm using FC4, and rpm -qa evolution* says I'm using these packages:

Any clue will be appreciated!



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