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Re: Sender in mail -s command

Paul Howarth wrote:
On Thu, 2005-07-21 at 09:35 +0200, Andreas Wahlert wrote:

i have script which sends e-mail to me. How can i specify a complete sender address like "boom work de"?? i see in my mailclient only senders
such "nagios localhost localdomain". On my host ist FC3 installed "out of the box"

Do you want *all* mail originating from scripts on this machine to have
a "work.de" address, or just mail originating from nagios?

Does this mail need to be sent over the Internet? If so, you will need a
valid envelope sender domain instead of localhost.localdomain. What type
of Internet connection do you have (dialup, always-on, static/dynamic?).

The configuration is best done in sendmail, which will then work for all
programs, not just "mail".


It's only a host for Monitoring. There runs "Fujitsu ServerView" and "nagios" That means "work.de" is enough for all. The script send only notifications mail to my internal mailserver.

Where can i do this configuration in sendmail??

kind regards from germany


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