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Re: Bind Question

Am Do, den 21.07.2005 schrieb Terry Polzin um 15:52:

> Normal mode, pid file is setup to be in /var/named.

Ok. I have bind only running in chrooted mode.

> So what you're telling me is that I need to 
> 1) Change named.conf to put the pid file in /var/named/run/
> 2) chmod 750 /var/named
> 3) mkdir /var/named/run; chmod 770 /var/named/run;chown 
> root:named /var/named/run
> Right?

No :}
Not "/var/named/run/" but "/var/run/named". That directory is created by
the bind rpm and should exist on your system. If bind is chrooted this
directory is located inside the chroot, which is by rpm
"/var/named/chroot/var/run/named". And exactly there I find my
named.pid. I have no setting (neither in named.conf nor in the named
init script) to tell bind where to place the pid file. The bind binary
knows that from compilation.


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