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Re: Catharsis - slowly my FC4 world crumbles around me

Opinions are like . . . but I seriously doubt it. Let's focus on one at
a time. The DVD might be a good place to start. What are the contents
of /etc/auto.misc (just the uncommented contents)?

I had an idea when I was re-installing Fedora Core 4. It puzzled me that the Fedora install DVD runs as smooth as silk, and then immediately after the install is finished, the first data DVD I put in causes the drive to hang. Then I thought, maybe that's because the Fedora install DVD, which I burned from an iso file, is not in a Linux file system format. The data DVD format is whatever standard is used that's readable by Windows as well. Perhaps the problem can be isolated to not drives but to compatible formats?

Here is what is in the auto.misc file
cd        -fstype=iso9660,ro,nosuid,nodev    :/dev/cdrom

# the following entries are samples to pique your imagination
#linux        -ro,soft,intr        ftp.example.org:/pub/linux
#boot        -fstype=ext2        :/dev/hda1
#floppy        -fstype=auto        :/dev/fd0
#floppy        -fstype=ext2        :/dev/fd0
#e2floppy    -fstype=ext2        :/dev/fd0
#jaz        -fstype=ext2        :/dev/sdc1
#removable    -fstype=ext2        :/dev/hdd


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