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Permissions settings for using Samba with Windows on AD

Thanks to all of the excellent help here on the list, I have gotten my
samba servers all up and running.  I need some guidance on how to
properly configure the permissions / Users/ Groups so that things can be
accessed by those who need to, and not by others.

Here are the needs as I see them:

Each Authenticated Domain User should have a private folder on the
/homes share that only they (and the administrator) can access

A teachers share:  this share should be accessable by the teachers
(Active Directory group Teachers) but not by the students -- Designed to
serve as a file exchange point

A Public share with Read permissions to everyone, but only specific
users (Administrator, Root, and timholmes) have write access.  A place
to stash documents that many people might need, but should not be
changed except by authorized people

I have tried creating a document in a wide open share (root/root 777) to
see what the username is that it is created with, and it showed as
MCASCHOOL\timholmes (my account) for the owner and MCASCHOOL\Domain
Users (one of several groups I am in) as the group.  When I tried to
chown my home folder to that setting, it does not recognize the user or

I am in the process of working through the SAMBA HOW-TO book, but as yet
have not hit the solution.

Thanks for all your help


Timothy A. Holmes
IT Manager / Webmaster / Science Teacher
Medina Christian Academy
A Higher Standard...
Jeremiah 33:3
Jeremiah 29:11
Esther 4:14

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