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Re: Last Attempt at fixing DVD drives before abandoning Fedora Core

On Sat, 2005-07-23 at 10:44 -0700, Richard Hubbell wrote:
> Feel your pain, I gave up on my external USB dvd burner. I spent $40 on
> an IDE dual-layer burner and it works.  USB mass storage devices seem to
> be busted.  I've seen others with problems and even a mention of spurious
> timeouts.  Apparently firewire is more stable.  IDE I know to be stable.
> Where to point the finger though?

I don't have a usb dvd burner, but I do use usb mass storage devices.

A few months ago I did have a problem with a usb hard drive, but only
during sustained high speed copying. Using rsync to limit the rate
worked around the problem.
But - I no longer need to do this.

> I don't know if it's USB mass storage
> devices in general or the linux kernel.

That's a bit general. How about defining the problem as "a problem with
(our) dual layer dvd burners".

I expect one of the RH people can shed some light on this - did you
bugzilla it?

> As for stability with fedora...the two words really can't go together.
> Fedora is a testbed for redhat, that's no secret.

Another generalisation.

Fedora contains pretty much the latest everything, so you would expect
it to be less stable than something which has been tested for longer.

Fedora as a whole is perfectly stable for me, the few issues I do have
are not showstoppers, and I know they will be fixed.

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