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iiimf server installed, but not seen

Recently I reinstalled FC 4 and made sure to isntall the iiimf server and Japanese language support.
I went to my top menu bar, and selected to have the language imput icon made available. It's there now, but it has no other options than "En" for English. I selected to "Add or Remove" languages, but none were available.

So I went back to Desktop | Preferences | Add/Remove Applications, and saw that for some reason the language support was not selected. I selected to install it, but then it gives me an error saying that the iiimf-server is not installed, along with two other iiimf related dependant packages.

At the command line, I checked to see if I had the iiimf-server installed, and I do:

[root localhost ~]# rpm -q iiimf-server

I tried a yum update just to make sure I had the latest version.

Why is my system not acknowledging my iiimf server?


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