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Re: FC3 Want to "downgrade" perl.

neidorff writes:

Hi folks,

Last night yum automatically updated perl and perl-suid to 5.8.5-14 on
my FC3 system. Now my qmail server no longer sends or receives mail. So, I downloaded the last perl/perl-suid packages (5.8.5-12) and am
trying to "downgrade" to them. I tried the --oldpackage flag in rpm:

#rpm -ivh --oldpackage perl-5.8.5-12.FC3.i386.rpm

but I get file conflict errors--file X of <old version> confilcts with
file X of <new version>

I want to do this carefully and without failure since a lot of things
on the system depend upon perl.

How can make the downgrade happen?  (I have found no other changes
that would mess things up on this server.  If anyone knows of any
other problem that might have caused mail to stop, please let me know)

If you don't understand what your problem is, the correct way to fix it is definitely NOT to install or uninstall random packages, and hoping for the best.

There is absolutely nothing that qmail needs from Perl. Whatever your Qmail problem is, it has nothing to do with Perl.

Unless, of course, you've hacked a basic Qmail setup with some piggy-backed spaghetti code that might use Perl for some particular purpose. Yes, then, but only then, would a Perl upgrade _might_ cause something to break.

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