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Re: FC3 Want to "downgrade" perl.

> If you don't understand what your problem is, the correct way to fix it is
> definitely NOT to install or uninstall random packages, and hoping for the
> best.
> There is absolutely nothing that qmail needs from Perl.  Whatever your Qmail
> problem is, it has nothing to do with Perl.
> Unless, of course, you've hacked a basic Qmail setup with some piggy-backed
> spaghetti code that might use Perl for some particular purpose.  Yes, then,
> but only then, would a Perl upgrade _might_ cause something to break.

But you are not answering his question.

Here's what you do, you can either install the old version using the force
option or you can just uninstall perl (as well as the programs that have
perl as a dependency) and then install your older version of perl and then
try to get everything else working again.


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