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Re: [OT] How to find work?

Tony Nelson writes:

How would I find *nix work, presumably Fedora-related?

Some of the people on this list can guage how limited my *nix experience
is, and possibly even what parts of *nix I do seem to grasp.  I'm an old
MacOS programmer, but I hate using MOSX, knew little and know nothing
current about programming it, and note that it is a weird mutant BSD *nix
with little resemblance to Fedora Gnu/Linux.  Anyone curious can look at my
web site; there are some MSWindows things there, but so far nothing for
*nix -- though maybe soon, when I learn how to package things.

What could I find with the experience I have? Where would I look?

From personal, direct experience I can tell you that Linux is invading Wall
Street.  Go and buy the “Who's Who in 800 lb. gorillas on Wall Street” book.
Open it, and begin reading the list of company names.  All of them are
currently in the process of getting new Linux boxes as fast as they can, and
demoting their existing Solaris and AIX hardware to legacy status.

Oh, sure, there's plenty of Solaris and AIX hardware churning around, and it
will remain so for a long time.  But, Linux is the future, and the companies
are actively looking and hiring people with Linux experience.

Now, they're not exactly downloading and running Fedora.  Most of them have
standardized on RHAS3 and RHAS4.  Occasionally you'll find someone running
SuSE.  It's been my experience that the companies are not explicitly asking
for RHASx experience.  The job reqs specify only “Linux”.  So, if you've
been using Red Hat/Fedora for the last 5+ years, you'll do.  Either sysadmin
or developer.

What could I do reasonably quickly to improve my marketability?  What could
I learn?

Well, you need to move to metro New York area, and start sending out resumes. I suppose the same may hold true for other major cities with a large financial district, but I can only vouch for NYC.

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