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Re: no mail between my linux boxes

Johan Lozano wrote:
>  hi list,
> i have a problem with mail in my network.
> when i send an email from one box to an other, the mail do not arrive.
> even from the command-line
>     mail johan mbfrodo <mailto:johan mbfrodo>
> email does not reach to his destination
> mail outside my netwerk woks fine.
> what can be the possible cause?
> Johan Lozano
> MicroBit, Duffel
> E-mail : johan lozano tiscali be
> GPG key : 9A9FBFE1

Mail by default want to find an MX record in DNS for the system that is
receiving the mail.  Not sure what what mail client/server you are using
sendmail, postfix....etc. You can look up the documentation for the
mail server that is trying to send the mail and find out where you might
be able to shutoff the requirement for an MX record.


Mike Noble
mgnoble gmail com
Key ID: 0xFFDFC13B
Keyserver: http://pgpkeys.mit.edu

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