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Re: What is the "official way" to install clamav?

On Mon, 25 Jul 2005, Ben Mohilef wrote:

> On 25 Jul 2005 at 19:26, Martín Marqués wrote:
> > I used to have extras clamav and clamav-db, but finished installing
> > dag's because the lack of clamd in extras. I prefer a daemon
> > scanning.
> > 
> There is a "highly critical" security advisory on v. 86.1 . That 
> version seems to be the latest I can find in FC3 extras.
> Dag has the 86.2 version of the entire clam set which corrects the 
> vulns. 
> The dag update installs well, except that if you are running clamav-
> milter with a quarantine file defined you need to explicitly put "--
> external" in the sysconfig file or you get an arcane error stating that 
> "timeout requires external" whether or not you explicily define a 
> timeout. 
> See:
> http://secunia.com/advisories/16180/
> for the gory details on the vulnerability.

Sounds like the solution is to get extras fixed, not just install from 

Has anyone submitted this to bugzilla?

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