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Re: Increasing inodes without recreating file system

nodata wrote:

I don't think you can do it online.

That was my understanding too - I thought I'd ask here as a last resort :(

In the meanwhile, you should find the user with lots of small files to
buy you some time.

Erm, that will be me! I'm the only user of the box.

I originally envisaged the large partition would be for my music library (mainly flac), i.e. the files would be big but not all the numerous, so I changed the default inode allocation when I created the file system. Bad move!

I'm now using /home for other things, e.g. /home/apache has all my websites, /home/vpopmail has all my mail, and I've used up all my inodes.

I guess I can do some shuffling around to keep things running, e.g. move stuff to /usr (where there is 6.8GB free and loads of inodes).

Something like:
cd /home && for i in *; do echo -n "$i: "; find $i -type f | wc -l;
will probably do it.

I ran your script with the following results:

apache: 92685
builder: 3
dan: 1696
du-2004-08-25-17:42:28: 1
eztest: 67
jane: 4
mysql: 2795
notes: 1692
postgres: 1567
robin: 292498
slimserver: 27799
smtpd: 5402
sockd: 4
svn: 38
test: 164776
testlist: 46
tom: 726
valiant: 6
vpopmail: 275006

As you can see, I am the main culprit, with vpopmail a close second.

I'm sure I can sort that out to keep me rolling for a while longer.



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