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Re: up2date locking up?!?

astew wam umd edu wrote:

So I started up2date and opted to just update /everything/, and left it over night. Coming back, I see that it has locked up, or has apparantly locked up.

Anyone seen this? Should I be worried about killing the process? Should I just reinstall FC3?


I have seen up2date "lock up" but generally for reasons external to up2date:

1) Filling /var. Do a "df" and make sure the partition containing /var isn't full.
2) Connection dropped. I connect to the internet over point-to-point wireless and the connection goes down every once in a while.
3) Only seen this with WhiteBox Linux repositories: repository not set up correctly/not found. Run up2date (as root) from the command line and see if it can't find a repository or mirror in the spewage.
4) Again WhiteBox only: it appears that the session times out and then stalls.

Can't think of any other reasons. I use yum from the command line instead since it gives me more information as to what is going on.


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