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Re: SHRED for EXT3?

Ezra Nugroho wrote:
A little more information:

I am doing contract work at home on my own computer. I have
transferred files containing trade secrets (source code)
to it. My contract states that at the end of the contract,
I must return all copies of their trade secrets, and all
equipment belonging to them, and "permanently eradicate"
all copies of their trade secrets which I possess but do
not return.

I don't want to take a hammer to my own disc, thank you.

Now, we are on very good terms, and I don't anticipate having
to take any action soon. But I would like to be prepared.

Here is an idea.
Format the drive as ext2, and then use bonnie test to write and read on
the drive randomly excessively for a day or so.

I don't want to lose *my own data*. I'd like a version of shred (or something like it) which will "permanently eradicate" the data in some files. These files are (intentionally, and with this in mind) located in a few isolated directories (and their sub-directories).


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