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Nautilus/Gnome issue with FC4

I've just bit the bullet and upgrade from FC3 to FC4.  Actually, it was my
PC failing that drove me in this direction.

I've suffered some serious pain as now all my gnome settings and prefs were
screwed up.  Easily enough I thought to just copy my config directories off
and start over since the config isn't that compex.

I've searched on Google and in the archives, but can't find a solution to
this one:

I can't get nautilus to behave the way I like to have it work, and I have
found out that changes have been made on my behalf to tell me how I will
work from now on.  I'm looking for prefs to make the following happen.

- I like the focus to be the mouse is in or that I've clicked on.
- I also like the ability to click a window and have it raise to the top.
  Now I have to get access to the title bar or border to accomplish this.
  I can't find the setting to make this happen (I can't find a lot of
  settings that used to be available).  I'm not interested in the
  auto-raise feature with the mouse either.  This is very annoying.
- New windows seem to always pop under (very annoying, IMHO)  Yeah yeah,
  AIM client this and password that, I know.  If I ask for a window, I want
  instant no hassle access to it.  I don't want to have to mine for new
  Windows I've just asked for.  Using Alt-Tab does not help either since I 
  change the focus of the window, but it doesn't raise.

Does anyone have thoughts on this?  

While I don't mind innovation, I do mind having features removed/hidden and
not documented.  At least leave the ability to make this happen somewhere
that I can find it. 

Thanks for reading, 
Paul C.

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