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I went and read the FAQ on selinux, especially the sections
on FC2 since that is what I run. I have yet to read *why*
one would want to run selinux on a machine like mine. The
FAQ has a question which supposedly addresses this question,
but there seem to be many presumptions about the system
on which Linux is installed inherent in the answer, some
or perhaps all of which do not seem to apply to my system.

In short, they presume that there is some way that software
gets onto my system without my being aware of it, but do
not specify any means by which that might take place.

Since the issue of how the "malware" gets onto my machine
is completely bypassed, I consider the answer given in the
FAQ to be, well, significantly incomplete.

And augmenting the answer with "We don't know how it might
get onto your machine" is, IMO, not an adequate answer. It
begs the question.

What I mean is, I ask "Why should I run selinux?" The answer
then seems to be "We don't know, but if you don't bad things
might happen to your system due to malicious programs."

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