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Re: Goodbye Fedora and hello Centos?

On Wed, 2005-07-27 at 18:59 +0100, Timothy Murphy wrote:

> All this stuff about Fedora being leading edge is bosh, in my opinion -
> the Fedora developers are suffering from delusions of grandeur.
> Fedora is just a collection of pretty standard utilities.
> A particular device is no more or less likely to work under Fedora
> than under any other Linux distribution.

Fedora pushes the envelope - which helps expose issues.
For example, by using gcc4 there is an exposed problem with xorg (or
ggc4 - not sure if that has been determined)

CentOS is for all practical purposes the parts of RHEL that can be
freely redistributed.
It is based upon an older version of Fedora for which kinks have been
(for the most part) worked out.

> And if something works under one distribution,
> it should work under another after a certain amount of trouble.

Not true.
Sound on my Thinkpad T20 does not work in FC4.
It does in FC3 and in Knoppix. It is pushing the envelope, as Fedora
does, that exposes these problems. Distributions that don't push the
envelope are more likely to have stuff just work, with the exception of
new hardware.

SELinux - not very many if any easy to install distributions support
SELinux out of the box. Fedora is pushing the envelope there as well.
And I'm guessing SELinux has improved because of it. Same thing with HAL

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