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Re: Increasing inodes without recreating file system

Damian Menscher wrote:

Random idea (assuming your vpopmail is less than 5 gig or so):

It's about 3.5GB at the moment, and I've just noticed that about 1GB of that is a copy of my Maildir from when I did a migration so that's gone for a start!

It's now down to 2.5GB and about 750MB is in my .bogofilter directory - most of that's gone now too! So, I'm down to < 2GB, and I've freed up loads of my precious inodes!

Try shrinking your /usr partition, and create a new partition there with the -T news option. Then move /home/vpopmail over to that partition. That will free up nearly half of your inodes in /home, which may be sufficient for your needs.

I suspect it will.

Incidentally, I created /usr with the default inode setting so I've got over 1M inodes free on there so /home/vpopmail should migrate to /usr/home/vpopmail quite easily.

BTW, you make for a great example. I've always (for some convoluted definition of "always") known it was possible to run out of inodes, but never saw anyone do it.

Yeah, thanks for that. :)


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