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Re: Postfix errors

>> lmtpunix[16008]: IOERROR: fstating sieve script /var/lib/imap/sieve/e/
>> ej/defaultbc: No such file or directory
>> lmtpunix[16008]: duplicate_check:
>> <33759 67 116 53 52 1122503020 squirrel www daviszone org> user.ej
> Squirrel is irrelevant. You have a cyrus error. BTW, do you really need
> cyrus-imapd (with the added complexity)? How many users?
> --
It seems, you have a sieve error. Sieve is looking for a filter called
defaultbc. Try 'locate defaultbc'. If the script is found somewhere else,
copy it to the location indicated on IOERROR-Line.

If its not there, try to delete the filter-rule. Check the contents of
/var/lib/imap/sieve/e/ej - is there any *.bc-file? if yes do symlink
defaultbc to this *.bc -file.


btw. discussion about complexity of cyrus has been followed many times.
It's just a matter of prefers to use cyrus or another. just think about
what you get with cyrus.

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