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Re: Information about apm

Alexander Dalloz wrote:
Am Sa, den 23.07.2005 schrieb Sauro Cesaretti um 20:26:

I have the same problem with apm and acpi support.
Can I install Fedora Core 3 with APM support,
without compiling the kernel?
Is there any solution to set the parameters at the boot parameters?
Because I have some problem to compile the kernel, but I can reinstall
Fedora without problem.

Sauro Cesaretti

Both APM and ACPI support are compiled into the Fedora Kernel. But just
one can be active at time, the default is ACPI. You can easily switch by
appending "acpi=off" to the kernel parameter line in grub.conf (or from
grub boot screen pressing "a"). No need to recompile the kernel.


Even after setting this perameter in my FC4 grub.conf file, I actually still get my same error that I got when I wasn't loading apm. It just tells me "They Suspend Command '/usr/bin/apm -s' was unsucssful" and if I do it from the command line it tells me "No APM Support in Kernel". If this is already compiled into the FC kernel is there another way I can get the kernel to support apm?

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