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Re: sound problem with Dell 510m - also Gateway Solo 2150

Am Do, den 28.07.2005 schrieb Bob Gustafson um 23:30:

> I saw your email to julien bossart <julienfedora gmail com> asking for more
> diagnostic information.
> I have a similar problem (no sound) with my Gateway Solo 2150. It is
> currently running FC4 and is up2date as of last night.
> The attachment includes info on the chip (Creative Labs), all of the
> commands you asked Julien to send, and also output from alsomixer which
> thinks it is an Ensoniq (maybe can be both..)

Creative Labs places Ensoniq chips on some of their card models. See the
soundcard matrix at


to get some info about which driver is used by ALSA for which card model
and which cards have support.

> Hope this is useful.

Not really, please see:

$ file /home/adalloz/sound.bug
/home/adalloz/sound.bug: BinHex binary text, version 4.0

Please attach such information in a plain text format. At least I have
no way to check the content of the "sound.bug" file.

> Bob Gustafson


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