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Re: Newbie question on adding RAID capacity

Am Do, den 28.07.2005 schrieb Philip Prindeville um 23:06:

> I initially did a fairly stock install onto a K8M800 type motherboard
> (AMD 64 XP 2800+ processor, 8237R/K8M800 type chipset) with
> the SATA raid capability.  I'll soon be adding another drive as soon
> as I can receive it (it's one of those Maxtor Diamondmax drives that
> have been going like hotcakes).

If you have just 1 hard disk actually (not sure if I understand your
description properly), you then can't have setup a RAID so far.

> My question is...  Do I need to do anything in particular to "widen"
> the raid stripe and add the drive to the volume?  Will the filesystem
> be "re-interleaved" across two drives?  Or do I have to do something
> painful like save to DVD, add the new drive, create new filesystems,
> and then restore from DVD?

If you already have a 2 drive RAID0 (you said "stripe") you can't simply
add another hard disk to it to extend the size.
If at install time you did setup an LVM (done as default by automatic
partitioning), you can extend the logical volume group easily. LVM is
made exactly for the case to extend storage space. Please see the
documentation in that case.

http://www.tldp.org/ -> LVM/LVM2 howto

> -Philip

In all other cases you have to backup your data and do a fresh install.
Rethink whether you really want a RAID0 as if 1 single drive fails all
your data will be lost.


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