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Re: FC4 Firefox video

Benjamin Franz wrote:

No, it doesn't (not by default). I have it (Ad-block) installed in Firefox on FC3 and have no problem viewing video from www.foxnews.com (I just checked).

Aaaah, sorry, you are right. I had forgotten that I had installed the filter set from the developers's website, http://www.pierceive.com/ (highly recommended by the way).

FWIW, I've since installed the beta of Ad-Block plus which includes a site whitelist feature, for which you install a second filter set, which in turn *unblocks* those Fox news flash files. I know, it sounds complicated -- but it works very well.

Although the real question is why you would _want_ to view video from FauxNews.

Good question! I'd heard so many dreadful things about and never actually watched it, so it was useful to get a firsthand taste of it. I think I'll stick with the BBC though.

 Colin Brace | cb lim nl

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