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Re: FC3 and 440GX

Am Fr, den 29.07.2005 schrieb Peter Smith um 20:08:

> >Quote from http://www.fedorafaq.org/fc1/#AlanCox:
> >
> >o	System hangs reporting SCSI timeouts or at the IDE probe
> >	and "ide=nodma" does not help.
> >
> >	If this is an Intel 440GX board, await errata news
> >
> >	For other SMP boards please try "noapic"
> >
> >	You may also need to set the BIOS MP to "MP 1.1" if you can
> >
> >Alexander

> Alexander--I do realize I was responding to a message from November of 
> last year.  I did not think that would be an issue--I apologize.  I was 

Nothing to apologize for! It was no complaint and can't.
I meanwhile see the reason to ask quoting that old list posting.

> also already aware of the 440GX problem which Alan Cox mentioned, but 
> that was for Fedora Core 1.  Besides, the problem I am having is similar 
> to what you were experiencing under Fedora Core 3.  So, have you worked 
> around it or are you on different hardware and/or software now?  My 
> system is an acpi system and not apm, so acpi is working correctly.  I 
> think I'm going to have to take this issue to the devel list as I think 
> it is a bit low-level.  Any details?

> Peter

While the FAQ entry was published when FC1 was current it may help with
current Fedora / Linux kernel 2.6 too.
And it is "noapic" - APIC != ACPI.


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